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The Gospel moves for me, for you, for everyone, everywhere.

At CPC, we believe that in every moment, God is at work. We embrace every day as an invitation to open ourselves to the possibilities of what Jesus can do in our lives—and we want to be open together.

Our Vision

To be a people and a church open to how the Gospel moves.

The Gospel is the Good News of Jesus’ sacrificial love for all people. It is a living power, not dependent on anything we do or don’t do—because the power of the Gospel is based on what Jesus has already done for us. As a community, we come together as people who want to know Jesus and be transformed by Him. Inside our church and out in the world, we believe there is no limit to what Jesus’ love can do.

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Our Values

Living out our six core values guides us as a community.

Tangible Care and Hospitality

We show the heart of Jesus by caring for others.

A Focus on All Generations

We believe faith is a lifelong journey, so we teach, serve, and pour into all ages.

A Spirit of Possibility

We harness the creativity God blesses us with and believe we can do great things through Him.

Awareness of The World

We look beyond ourselves to be change agents for our local and global community.

A Welcoming On-Ramp

We meet people where they’re at in their walk with Jesus, providing avenues to encounter Him.

A Willingness to Live in The Tension

We dig into tough issues, acknowledging our differences while bringing grace to dialogue.

Our Shared Practices

To cultivate a posture of openness, we embrace four shared practices that help position us to anticipate and respond to God’s power and presence wherever we go.


The Gospel moves through God’s Word. Reflecting on what God says and what it means for our lives helps open us to growth in our personal relationship with God. Through reflection, we can become more aware of why and how God is moving.

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Hear from Emily on engaging with Scripture


The Gospel moves among God’s people. Connecting with others in intentional, regular spiritual conversations helps expand and deepen our understanding of the role of Jesus in our lives. Through practices of relationship, we can learn and grow alongside each other in ways we cannot on our own.

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Hear from Melissa on spiritual companionship


The Gospel moves through invitation. Just as God extends the invitation of the Gospel to each of us, he calls us to invite others to experience the Good News of Jesus’s love. Through practices of invitation, we can grow in trust that God transforms lives beyond what we could ask or imagine.

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Hear from Carrie on opportunities for invitation


The Gospel moves in every corner of life. What happens in church isn’t supposed to stay there. We want to see every place we go as somewhere God already is—and be open to how we can join Him. Through practices of integration, we can anticipate God’s presence and power wherever we live, work, and play.

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Hear from Petey on practices of integration

The Gospel is moving at CPC. Hear stories from members of our community.

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If I approach God with openness and honesty then I have nothing to fear, and so much to gain."
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What I see is all the beauty of God working through our congregation and how He’s showing up every single week."
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Integrating my faith into my work gives me a refreshed freedom."
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I want to try to spread that love that I know was spread to me from God."
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God and the Gospel are moving through the power of invitation."
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After starting, Alpha quickly became our kids’ favorite night of the week!"
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At the end of the day, Jesus desires a personal relationship with each of us and to walk alongside us."
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I love inviting people, I love connecting people, it’s one of my favorite things to do. I love watching people grow."
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The beautiful, unchangeable truth about what God has done for us, always stays the same!"
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Life is not about things, it's all about relationships."
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Our Statement of Faith

We reaffirm The Apostles’ Creed and emphasize our commitment to three additional doctrines.


For more than 65 years, CPC has met on the corner of 70th Street and Highway 100 in Edina.

What began as a small group of dedicated, missional Jesus-followers has grown into a robust, vibrant, intergenerational faith community serving a diversity of backgrounds.

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Since its inception, CPC has experienced long-tenured, stable leadership and has had only three senior pastors.

Roger Anderson


John Crosby


Petey Crowder


Our Denomination

We are affiliated with ECO: A Covenant Order of Evangelical Presbyterians

ECO is a rapidly growing Presbyterian denomination committed to cultivating a healthy, diverse, resource-rich ecosystem where pastors and congregations can flourish.

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