Disability ministry

Embracing and extending Jesus’ welcoming love.

Through CPC’s disability ministry, Mosaic, we create a safe and welcoming environment that offers participatory worship experiences and engaging events for the whole community. As a community, we are committed to helping everyone be open to the possibilities that come from Jesus' love.

Upcoming Disability Ministry Events

July 21

Swim Day

Disability Ministry

August 6


Disability Ministry

Mosaic Worship



Mosaic Worship is an inclusive, participatory worship space designed for members of the disability community and their families. Through live music, prayer, storytelling, and a short Bible-based message, Mosaic Worship creates a sacred experience for the whole CPC community.

Mosaic  Worship happens twice a month during the academic year.

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A Message from Pastor Petey

Mosaic Livestream

Mosaic Buddies

To support kids in our community with disabilities, we offer one-to-one support as needed during Wednesday Club and Sunday worship services. Volunteers sign up and are matched with kids who request accommodation to provide care and support.

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A Message from Pastor Petey

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