Leading my group of middle school girls over the past few years has profoundly impacted my life. What began as a fun way to become more involved in the CPC community has transformed into a journey filled with cherished relation- ships and unforgettable experiences. Being with this group of approximately 10 girls has provided me with a space to teach, learn, and grow alongside them. One of the aspects I truly treasure about these girls is their outlook on Jesus and the simplicity of their faith. As we naturally mature, our relationship with faith and God often becomes more intricate. However, witnessing Jesus through the eyes of my small group reminds me of the fundamental simplicity of our 4 faith’s foundation. At the end of the day, Jesus desires a personal relationship with each of us and to walk alongside us. These girls served as a weekly reminder of this truth throughout the past two years.

Additionally, I have had the privilege of being their camp counselor, sharing joyous days with them last summer and preparing to do so again this coming summer. Leading this group of girls has been an incredible honor, and the lessons and memories they have gifted me will forever hold a special place in my heart.