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The Good of Giving Up

November 19, 2023

November 26, 2023

When we first hear the phrase “giving up,” it might not sound good. Or like good news. Or like a good idea. It kind of sounds like quitting! What could be so good about quitting? In the Gospel stories, Jesus comes across an Israelite known only as “the rich young ruler” who has spent his life striving, winning, achieving, and accumulating. In short, he’s been getting, and getting a lot! And yet, we see in the Gospel writer Mark’s telling of the story, he’s unfulfilled. He’s searching for something better. And as he comes across Jesus, he finds someone who he thinks might offer him one more thing to “get.” Instead, Jesus tells him to give up. Everything. Everything! Which might sound a little crazy, but, think about this: if you’ve spent your life trying to get and it hasn’t satisfied, why not try something different? In this two week mini-sermon-series looking at Jesus’ compassionate interaction with this rich young ruler, we will see the Gospel promise that transformation is possible when we let go of every other promise of a good life and make space for the promises of God.

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